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Visit Process

Beijing International Vapor Distribution Alliance Experience Expo 2019/12/6-8,2019 China International Exhibition Center(Old Site)

Reception Center: South side of no.1 gate, service window(showing Beijing Vape Expo Reception Center), where you can check in and collect your badges.


Reception desk is at right side of No.1 gate, first fill in the visitor application form, then forward to the service staff to get the free badge; if you registered on-line, you can scan and get in directly.(Please register on our official website click registration for visitor)

Enter in the exhibition center, hall 8 is on your left side, the service center is at the gate, you can get free visitor brochure, coupon, bags, after security check to get in.

In order to save your time, you can register on our official website to get the invitation QR code.



Visitor badge is the only valid pass for entering the show, please keep it well with you. If you lose it, you need to apply for a new one at the reception center.

One person one badge, collect it via registering on-line or fill in forms on-site.

The committee has the final interpretation rights.