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The biggest and only vape show in the north of China


Beijing International E-Cigarette Affiliation, Distribution and Exhibition (Short as VEB, Vape Expo Beijing) is the first large-scale professional exhibition event in China that focuses on e-cigarettes, investing, distribution, terminal experience and industry exchanges. VEB integrates parties and resources that based on China domestic and international markets, provides high-end professional trading, display and exchange platforms for the e-cigarette industry, aiming to enhance smokers' awareness of e-cigarettes, promote international exchanges and trade cooperation within the industry and the entire industry develop steadily.


As the only professional electronic cigarette exhibition in the north, the exhibition area will reach 11,000 square meters. Over 300 world's top brands from 30 countries and regions will present the most innovative, and the most the price advantage of e-cigarettes and related products on Oct 20-22 this year. Vape Expo Beijing will continue to deepen the theme of the e-cigarette industry, lead the fashion industry trends, to create the most professional, authoritative and most commercial value of e-cigarette Expo in the North.



Marketing Opportunity

● Meet with your Chinese customers directly to understand their purchasing needs and expand sales channels

● Look for quality buyers, develop new business partners, and obtain valuable sales opportunities

● Demonstrate your superior products, create a brand image, and increase product market awareness



Why choose VEB?


1. Internationality – Thousands of Vendors and high quality products gather together to enjoy Beijing's regional advantages and market advantages.

2. Professionalism - The organizer has accumulated 7 years of experience in the e-cigarette industry, combined with professional and huge buyer data resources to deepen the industry.

3. Comprehensiveness—Incorporating cross-border fashion culture display, integrating health consumption, brand display, exhibition purchase and sales, etc., to create an exchange platform integrating openness, entertainment and trading.


China is well known as a major E-cigarette market globally. In particular,  there are over 1500 chain-brand distributors and retailers in the north of China area. This year VEB which will be held on Oct 20-22,2018,  is devoted to promote the Pen-cigarette, making it more acceptable in China market. Besides, there are also more to explore in special Pop Culture room for vapors. As the only vape show in the north of China, Veb definitely draw attentions of no matter outside or within the industry. 



CEQC( China expo QuCheng., Ltd), the organizer of the Vape Expo Beijing 2018,  building a stronger marketing team in Shenzhen office this year to support the 4th Beijing Vape fair. CEQC also has a deeper interaction and oversea cooperation with vape media and organizers from over 15 countries and areas including UK, US, France, Russia, Australia. 


What's more, the team flew to Birmingham, UK and Stuttgart, Germany in beginning of May, promoting and doing researches during the Vape Expo locally, next will followed Vape Expo in Verona(May), Russia (June), Denmark(July), Australia(August) and the United States.

Come and join in Vape Expo Beijing!

Contact: marketing@cexpoqc.com