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The first e-cigarette public opinion report released, and several e-cigarette rumors were falsely confirmed.

On March 29, 2017, the Shenzhen Internet Information Office released the relevant information on the e-cigarette public opinion information through the official Sina Weibo, and at the same time @ the Shenzhen Market and Quality Supervision Bureau.

The e-cigarette industry is one of the most important new industries in Shenzhen. More than 100 electronic cigarette companies are concentrated in Shenzhen. More than 90% of the products in the global electronic cigarette market are mainly produced in Shenzhen. Each year, they are important for Shenzhen's taxation, foreign exchange earnings, and employment.

e-cigarettes are a substitute for traditional cigarettes. As the state's management policy for e-cigarettes is very uncertain, the domestic e-cigarette market has been difficult to rise up to this point, and it has been plagued by various negative news! This time, the relevant departments of the Shenzhen came forward to refute the e-cigarette industry, indicating that the e-cigarette industry has given full attention and high support.

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