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General Information

If you had disagreement with the following rules, please communicate with the organizer committee.Otherwise, it will be regarded as accepting the terms and conditions

1. Booth Application

1.1 After the organizing committee receiving the application forms, will keep the booths until receiving the exhibition fee within the time limit, once booth confirmed,which will not be changed; for the show goes smoothly, the organizer committe reserve the rights to change some booths, but will inform the exhibitor in advance, thanks for understanding.

1.2 All exhibitors must make full payment before May 31 2015. If overdue unpaid, the organizing committee has the rights to release the booth, and the deposit will not be refund.

2. Professional Visitors Invitation

2.1 Professional Visitors will be invited by organizer, co-organizer and exhibitors and visitor badges will be offered.

2.2 For the invitation convenience, organizer committee will offer a certain number of visitor tickets to each booth. Visitor badges should be applied before September 30 2017.

3. Exhibits Guidelines

3.1 Exhibitors shall not sublease any part of the exhibit space to another vendor without notifying Show Management.

3.2 No Exhibitor shall exhibit or permit to be exhibited in the exhibit space any merchandise other than that specified in the application and complied with with national laws and related rules. Display of paraphernalia or drug-related items and other dangerous materials are strictly prohibited. Insure the exhibits do not infringing others ' legal rights. If the exhibits are in violation of the rules, the organizing committee reserves the right to terminate its participation qualifications, and will ask the exhibitor immediately leave the pavilion and withdraw exhibits.

4. Freight Forwarding

4.1 Only the Official Freight Forwarder is entrusted with the overall organization of freight / exhibits transportation within the exhibition halls.

4.2 No trucks, cars, forklifts or handling equipment (trolleys, lift, jacks, etc) other than that of the Official Freight Forwarder (except exhibits), will be permitted inside the exhibition hall.

5. Security

5.1 General security service will be provided within the exhibition hall, however, it is important for all the exhibitors to take utmost care of their own exhibits and belongings. The organizer undertakes no responsibility for them.

5.2 Exhibitors are recommended to incorporate a lockable cupboard and / or store room in their booths for souvenirs, consumable and important items and be sure to lock up before leaving the stands at the end of the day.

5.4 The security guards have the right to check all goods moving-in or out theexhibition hall.

The organizing committee will assist the public security to do investigating the thievery and intentionally damaged during the  exhibition period.

It is forbidden to carry all kinds of inflammable and explosive dangerous goods. For special reasons, it needs to be approved by the organizing committee and sufficient precautions are taken. For the insurance liability of the goods, the exhibitor decides to go through the insurance formalities with the insurance company.

6.Demonstration and Operation of Exhibits

The exhibits are operated under strict control and comply with proper safety conditions.

Specific written documents should be forwarded to the committee. Ensure the machine’s safe operation,take protective measure, and paste “ Danger” sing on the machine.

Exhibitors are prohibited from causing annoyance to visitors or other exhibitors. any complaints raised which the Organizer finds justifiable, the Organizer reserves the right to impose limitation on or terminate the operation of the exhibits / presentation / live performance/ audio-visual demonstration at their own discretion.

For safety reasons, all electrical installation work connecting to the main at the exhibition venue must be carried out solely by the official stand fitting Contractor. If the electric power needed exceed the range provided in the order form, exhibitors must contact Official stand fitting contractor directly for special arrangements before the deadline of order submission.

Exhibitors are obliged to pick up every waste or rubbish resulting from the presentation.

7.Printing Material Management

The contents of the enterprise publicity materials circulated by the exhibitor may not violate the relevant laws and regulations of the People's Republic of China, and shall not be detrimental to the feelings of the Chinese people, and shall be paid special attention to in the following matters. If the publicity materials presented by the exhibitor appear contrary to each other, the organizer shall have the right to request the cessation of distribution and necessary modifications. In case any particular circumstances are serious, all exhibitors shall bear the blame.


The official names of China is "The People’s Republic of China", referred to as "China", "CHINA"

Taiwan is an inalienable part of People's Republic of China. It is forbidden to use the term "Republic of China" or "the government of the Taiwan". Taiwan should be called "Taiwan of China"". Taiwan should not be listed as an independent country in the chart or map, but Taiwan is only one area. On the map, Taiwan and Mainland China must use a uniform color.

Hong Kong and Macao are special administrative regions of the People's Republic of China.

The following words may not be used, such as manchuria, fengtian, xinjing, dongzhou sea, etc Nude photos and obscene text should not be used

Promotion At The Show

Exhibitors are not allowed to presentation, promotion and post advertisment, etc. outside their booth area or in the public area of the exhibition halls. But distribute related materials is permitted.

Exhibitors are required to control the sound level of live performance / audio-visual demonstration in such a manner that a maximum of 60 decibels (dB) measured at the aisle(s) adjacent to their booth or at the nearest border of their neighboring booth will be allowed. Besides, the output power of each speaker should not exceed 1000W.

Exhibitors are prohibited from causing annoyance to visitors or other exhibitors. any complaints raised which the Organizer finds justifiable, the Organizer reserves the right to impose limitation on or terminate the operation of the exhibits / presentation / live performance/ audio-visual demonstration at their own discretion.


200 words within a product profile of the company in both Chinese and English will be published on the directory for free. Exhibitors must e-mail this form to the organizing committee info@quchengexpo.com before 30 September, 2017.

Exhibitors must send catalogue color advertisement to the organizing committee before 25 September, 2017,if need extra design and production, 200RMB will be charged.(Directory Dimension 130mmx210mm).

Exhibitors must provide concise and real text information as required, and shall be responsible for the authenticity of its content.

Exhibitors are required to maintain their exhibit intact until the close of the exhibition. Each exhibitor will complete arrangements for the removal of exhibitor material in accordance with dismantle procedures. All exhibits materials must be fully dismantled and packed no later than 21:00 October 23rd 2017. Under no circumstances can materials be left or removal by the organizer. Failure to entirely dismantle and remove exhibit will result in labor and debris removal fees charged to the exhibitor.

With out gate pass, all materials are not allowed out of the hall.

In case of force majeure such as fire, flood, earthquake; relevant state department announcement of a pandemic; the pavilion expropriated by the government; the organizing committee has the rights to change location and date, but will give notice to exhibitors in advance.

Exhibition hall center, official contractor, and custom booth contractor, freight company, hotel and organizing committee are independent, therefore when the exhibitors and them have responsibility issues, the organizing committee will assist to solve the issue, but don’t assume any compensation.